Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Where to put old diary pages

Being an 'Eco Warrior' I hate waste of any kind and therefore I like to re-use and adapt pages rather than buy them new. This is probably why my planners are such a hotch potch of different papers. Also being a functional planner not much in the way of decoration or art features either. I started out trying to pretty up my pages but then I thought - "What am I going to do with them at the end of the year?" Is there any reason to keep any of my pages? I made a decision just to keep the monthly overview pages in another binder and dispose of the rest in the compost bin.

My Bullet Journal pages go the same way. Once a page is completed the whole page is crossed out. At the end of the year or even before the crossed out pages will be torn up and composted. Everything will have been done or sorted on them so I will have no further use for them. They might as well make themselves useful and help improve my soil!

If you have a journal or diary pages what happens to them at the end of the year - recycled, composted, shredded, archived (and for how long?) or tossed?

Happy Planning

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