Thursday, 23 June 2016

Filofax crocheted cover

I read somewhere on the web (Philofaxy Facebook group, I think) about one person who had crocheted a cover for her personal Original lilac Filofax. I thought it was wonderful and wondered if I could do one of my own - not that I take my planner anywhere. I duly set to and started hooking. Here's the result - my lilac A5 Original Filofax crochet cover.

It's basically a rectangle done in any stitch and then I put on a border (because my rectangle was too small)! To finish off I crocheted a strap to hold the cover in place around the planner.

By adding buttons I could make the cover similar to the real thing.

Here it is in all its glory but I doubt if I will use it as the Filofax stays at home on my shelf. I'll put its outdoor coat away for now but my crochet mojo is still strong and another coat may soon be hot off the press. I've got some bright pink yarn and a pink Original is winging its way towards me and should arrive anytime soon. :)

Happy Planning


  1. I think I was the one who posted­čśä Yours looks great. I just found the most beautiful Cotton jersey yarn and it has made a beautiful pouch for my two new orginals on their way(duck egg and pear)