Thursday, 9 June 2016

Filofax Pennybridge zipped pocket used as a wallet

I've finally found a use for my red Pennybridge which has been patiently sitting on a shelf just waiting to be useful. I'm going to use it as my purse/wallet instead of my raspberry mini Finsbury. My mini Finsbury has been a constant companion on my shopping expeditions holding all I needed for 'going out' but recently I've been hankering after a change and have decided to put the mini aside and see how a pocket size copes with the demands of being lugged about in the outside world. My mini Finsbury stood up really well and there's not a mark on it even after being shoved in bum bags, baskets and totes.
Pennybridge, you have a lot to live up to. Here's a tour. 

The outside is smooth and colourful and I've embellished it with my bag bells and a shopping cart token.

I may put my bus pass in the outside pocket to keep it to hand.

Inside are some bus timetables and a place to put receipts. My pen of choice is a Pilot Frixion.

I've a list of bus times from places where I hop on and off.

The times of minutes past the hour are very handy when I'm setting out for a journey.

Following on I have some blank pages to jot down notes or lists. I don't keep a diary in here as anything I write will get transferred to my diary at home if need be. There's a page for emergency numbers and a list of my medication.

The back section houses my debit card and ...

the purse section is home to more cards - membership and business cards.

The Pennybridge has a real purse like section and there's plenty of room for change.

Having loads of card slots means I can put in 'loads' of cards. In the back section I have some Ikea measuring tapes in case I want to measure anything. I've also put a tissue in there.

Oh my it looks stuffed, doesn't it. Just a shake of the loose change will even out the coins and straighten it up.

I have only just set up this wallet and it still has to prove itself but it feels good in my hands, holds what I want and because it is zipped I feel my cards are a little more secure.

Happy Planning.

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  1. A great use for it. I hope it works well for you.