Saturday, 18 June 2016

Systems in a Filofax

My Filofaxes enable me to put various systems into operation, systems that help in the smooth running of my life. Having, or devising a system to help or overcome a problem allows some form of control to take place so relieving stress and worry about how to cope. The following systems are used in my planning and organising. By clicking on the relevant side labels more information can be found about my systems.

1. GTD - Most people like to Get Things Done and out of the way and then they can relax. 
My GTD system is in my pocket Malden.

2. Tracking - A greater insight into the whys, wherefores and whens can be gained with tracking. I have tracked, am tracking or am forming a tracking system for the following:-
a. Habits eg. Am I drinking enough water? Why do I sometime have Restless Legs? Am I eating enough fruit and veg?
b. Targets eg. Have I reached my goal weight? I'd like to finish my current crochet project by the end of the month. I'd like all the fences painted by the end of Spring.
c. Tasks - eg. Are we keeping up with the housework and gardening? When do the potatoes have to be harvested?
d. Finance eg. Am I overspending? How much do I have left in the food budget? What's my average spend on food per month?
My tracking is found in my personal Malden, my mini Malden and my A-Z Microfile

3. Recording information eg. Addresses, Birthdays, Car information
My recording of information is found in my personal Malden, my A5 Originals, my Travel Planner and my A-Z Microfile.

4. Appointments e.g. Doctor's, Dentist's, visits
My appointments are in my personal Malden.

Happy Planning

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