Sunday, 19 June 2016

Fellow Filofax Followers and Fanatics

It's lovely to have comments from people who have the same Filofax addiction, hobby, fascination, interest as I have. My family and friends look on with gentle and kindly disbelief and DH generously tolerates my habit. My Filofax collection is steadily growing, fuelling my hunting and gathering instincts - hunting down new to me planners on auction sites, car boots and charity shops, gathering together different sizes, styles and colours.

My latest addition is an A5 Original in lilac,

a colour that sits well with my other Originals,

a patent Fuchsia and a Dark Aqua.

I've found a use for the pen elastic already, using it to store my Pilot Frixion coloured pens. I don't put them through the loop but just catch them on with their pen top clips. That way I don't stretch any loops.

I saw a crocheted cover on a Facebook page and found exactly the same colour yarn in my stash (another collection) so I'm busy now crocheting a coat for this beauty. Can't have it scratched when I take it out, now can we?

This planner is currently housing a little bit of journalling recording 'what I did today' because I don't like wasting the 2016 weekly pages that came with it. At the moment it is sitting beside me, as new planners do, keeping me company with its bright personality.

So, Fellow Filofax Followers and Fanatics, another thank you from me - I mustn't keep you from your 'Filofax Fix' a moment longer.

Happy Planning

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  1. They're so pretty and ink pens to match, can't wait to see the cover.