Saturday, 25 February 2017

Making pages for my Filofax

I thought it would be a great idea to make some pages and dividers for my duck egg blue Original using the contents of this Recipe note book.

The pages are just ruled ...

and the dividers are a plain, pale blue.

Alas, the blues do not match.

In fact they are no where near. The Filofax duck egg looks more of a greeny blue than a pale blue.

Ah well, I shall have to put my thinking cap on and try again.

Happy planning

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Control that Washi tape

I've tried various ways of organising my Washi tape and recently I tried again, after having researched how others tackled this problem. Here's one way of storing. I found that I wanted to keep taking the roll off the hangar so this way of storing would not do.

I settled on the cardboard roll way which is just a rolled up piece of thin card used as a tube to hold the different tapes.

This works a treat as I can easily take off the tape I need, not that I use the tape very often.

I really don't know why I bought some more from Lidl this morning. Yes I do - the spring flowers were calling to me. Roll on Spring and the warmer weather so I can use this tape to brighten up some pages.

Happy planning.