Friday, 30 June 2017


One of my monthly goals is to de-clutter as much as I can and I''m purging up to 5 things each week. It's the books' turn as I have too many and quite a few most I haven't opened for a long time.

Five plus have left the shelf and will be off to the Charity Shop. The others I shall 'test out' so my trusty Filofax has come in handy for monitoring the testing and chucking procedure. This task will fit in well with menu-planning.

My next aim will be to sell some items so a LIST is in order now, I think.

Happy planning.

Saturday, 24 June 2017

Recording and planning daily


Best Bit Book - here I record the 'best bit' of each day in a single phrase, on a single line. My note book should last from 2016 until 2021 and I'm in the second year of recording. It takes no time at all to jot down my 'best bit' and it's fun looking back at last year's entries.

Bullet journal - this is by the side of my bed to capture flitting thoughts during wakeful hours. I also have other 'in boxes' in bags, the kitchen and my office. All bits of information are sorted and acted upon - to dos in my every day Filofax on the master list or scheduled, thoughts put into a projects list and immediate tasks acted upon.

Notable occurrences are written on my monthly pages. I have a 2 page spread with the dates noted down one side. On the first page are meetings, birthdays, anniversaries etc and on the second page are dated journal type entries. These monthly pages are the only pages that I will archive so I like a few memories on them. 


The every day Filofax is my most important tool for planning and I also use my online calendar for alerts on my watch. My 'computer game' Filofax contains my next steps for each game I play and my Christmas Filofax contains planning for Christmas (of course!). I have an Ebay Filofax which houses information of things sold and notes for future items to sell. 

Each day I will - 

1. Fill in my 'best bit'.
2. Record a journal entry or just look at upcoming dates.
3. Enter information in my gaming planner.
4. Enter information and next steps in my every day planner from my 'inboxes'.

Happy Planning