Friday, 23 September 2016


Can't tear it off, I'll have to use the scissors. What excitement!

Careful now, no scissors - just rip and pull. Don't want to damage my new to me Filofax.

Oh yes I smell the leather. Inhale and smile. 

Neat ring protector.

We approve.

Happy Planning

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Keep it simple planning - part 2

What I do need to do

1. Use my monthly dividers as a front picture at the beginning of the planner. This will utilise the dividers and also mark my monthly page.

2. Make better use of the space for each day on my WO2P. My logging of spending can take up less space and I can devise a system on the page to make a running total of spends each week. It is not beyond my wit!

3. Neaten up and make my pages look smart. I shall experiment.

4. Introduce some long term goals and start putting them into action. I'm just drifting along only doing what is necessary and not particularly challenging myself at the moment. It's time to get out of a rut. I can make an initial start with this list!

5. Tidy up my spare bed office desk.

Happy planning

Monday, 19 September 2016

Keep it simple planning - part 1

What I don't need to do

1. Write out a cleaning schedule. I've been there and done that and I now know that I've got the T-shirt because the schedule I started and refined now works for me and I hardly ever have to write routine cleaning tasks down as I know them. The initial logging of the To Dos has been a success and now it can cease.

2. Put month dividers at the beginning of each month. They are not needed and just take up space. I am currently using Filofax WO2P. There are not many pages to make up the year and so finding any particular date is easy. The Today marker marks where I am. I can put the current month near the front and I there's not much shuffling of pages to find where I want to be.

3. Log my spending on a separate sheet. I'm sure I can incorporate it on the daily sections. My logging and tracking should be done on my weekly pages so I have only one piece of paper to work with.

4. Include any pages which are not conducive to everyday planning and organising. I seem to have accumulated dividers, plastic envelopes, contact pages and spare paper. They will have to go elsewhere.

5. Write in different coloured inks as I invariably lose my pens amongst the debris on my bed working areas on my office desk.

Happy planning

Friday, 16 September 2016


Will a personal Ranger Filofax hold more coins than a Pennybridge Filofax? The zipped pockets in Maldens do not hold very many coins and tend to make the organiser too bulky. A zipped see through envelope for coins is too fiddly to use plus the coins have to be shaken flat before closing.

Perhaps I should just carry notes. But where to put change?

Perhaps I should just use my debit card and not carry money.

Perhaps I should just use an ordinary purse.

I think I'd like Filofax to make zipped organisers with a shoulder strap, a purse on the outside plus a handy place on the shoulder strap for a mobile phone. There! Problems solved.

Happy planning

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Hospital Filofax

A short (hopefully) hospital stay needs organisation and what better to turn to than my Travel Filofax.

Inside I've taken out my other pages and put in medical information, emergency contacts, hospital letters,

and information,

and a map of the hospital.

There are puzzles to do while I'm waiting for procedures,

plus a few crosswords.

I think I need a log of my stay. Here I'll put in observations, names of doctors and details of my visit.

The A-Z section of my Traveller's Filofax is staying put. I've added more contact details, consultant details and a packing list.

All set and not raring to go!

Happy planning

Saturday, 10 September 2016

Planner Peace

My ochre Malden Filofax family is complete, the A5 arriving in the post yesterday.

From the smallest to the largest there is:-

1. Mini Malden, (sounds like a Disney character, doesn't it!), which is my wallet of the moment housing cards, money, bus timetables, shopping lists and blank note paper.

2. Pocket Malden which started out as a thought catcher, went over to being a wallet and mobile holder and is now back to being chief thought catcher, brain dump and in-box.

3. Personal Malden, which is my everyday planner and diary, containing To Do Lists, appointments, important dates and notes.

4. A5 Malden which is initially being carried around and caressed housing spare A5 papers but will one day contain something Very Important. (Don't know what yet but I'm working on it!)

Planner Peace has arrived - for a little while!

Happy planning

Friday, 9 September 2016

Filofax Finking Friday 7

I know it's only September but I think it's time to start visiting my Christmas Filofax, check my notes from last year, prepare pages for this year and start a To Do List and Action Plan for making or buying presents.

Happy Planning