Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Every day planner

I'm using my lime Piazza personal as my every day planner. It isn't too precious so I can use it freely without worrying about scratches or scuffs.

It stays at home as I have no need to take it out and about.

I don't fasten my planners so the strap doesn't get worn. No decoration for me when the planner is opened. These stickies are hardly ever used.

First up is the year, the months of which are marked off with round stickies used from last year. May already - nearly half way through the year. It's gone very quickly.

My monthly pages look like this. Just a simple 2 page spread. On the left I put appointments, meetings and important occasions. On the right I make note of additional happenings. These monthly pages are the only ones which will be archived for posterity.

A master To Do list resides in different places - it's here with the monthly pages at the moment. It's one of my catch places and things get ticked off once completed. Sometimes I'll write 'big list' on my weekly pages and refer back to this page so that I keep getting things done.

The weekly pages house day specific tasks and are also a home to money spent at the moment. In the notes section at the top I'll put some more tasks that really should be done that week but haven't yet found a home. I may also put reminders there.

My Today marker just marks the page for me.

At the back I have one contacts sheet which holds some numbers that I use regularly.

That's it - plain and simple to run a plain and simple life.

No decoration just stuff that whizzes me efficiently through the day.

Happy planning.