Tuesday, 21 November 2017

The To Do list

Where does it begin? Why in my head.
Where do I write it down? There are quite a few places. It may be a scrap piece of paper, a scribbled note in my Brain Dump Filofax by my bed, a note on my mobile or a To Do listed straight into my everyday Filofax.

The evening's Filofax planning involves collecting up any jottings to turn them into To Dos. Most of them will be scheduled on the monthly or weekly pages and others will be gathered together and put on a Master To Do List or Some Time in the Future List which will eventually turn into scheduled tasks.

Here are a few items recently gathered - 

Get out decorations
Order tree
Advent Wreath by 3rd Dec
Sort music
Ebay Filofax up to date
Inserts to arrive Tuesday
Clean hob
Ballroom closed
Book circus
Arrange lunch
Sort out spare room
Check filters on tumble drier
Clear office (in preparation for decorating)

I've scheduled most of them but some such as 'Clear office', 'Book circus' and 'Sort out spare room' cannot be scheduled yet for logistic reasons. These remaining items will go on the Master List.

If I wrote everything down on one page then I would end up with some crossed out some not crossed out and the page would be messy. 

Scheduling items makes sure they 'get done'.

Happy Planning

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