Tuesday, 14 November 2017


Preparation for a new year involves, obviously a change of planner. My choice for 2018 was going to be my black personal Original but I decided on my black, personal Piazza instead, the reason being that I wanted to keep the Original in pristine condition. I'm not buying any more Filofaxes (!!!!!) so the ones I have have to last. I'm using the battered about ones first and also I like the Piazzas as they feel soft and smooth.

Not decorations for me as my everyday planner is purely functional. The only pattern I've got at the moment is the patterns on my dividers, which are postcards. If I'm feeling at a loose end I can colour these. Mind you that looks like a lot of hard work so maybe I'll leave them as they are.

First section is the To Dos and I'm using up my Filofax papers for this even though the lines are a bit far apart. I'll just ignore them, I think.

Section 2 has the years at a glance - 2017, 2018 and 2019. I've ringed some important dates already.

After these pages come the monthly pages - one side in listed view and the other for monthly plans.

After the next divider ...

I have the weekly pages. I've decided on WO1P for this year as I don't have many appointments and my To Dos only need to be day specific here.

Behind the next divider ...

... are some more colouring or jotting papers which may or may not come in handy. I'll wait and see. These papers are from a colouring in book which I thought would go with the black and white theme.

I've a few daily pages for if I have a busy day or want to write a bit more.

That's it for now. No doubt I'll tweak as I go along as I did last year. I've streamlined a few things and this planner should work well from me. I've decided to move into this planner now starting with November as I only want to use one planner rather than have two on the go, plus I get to flip through brand new pages - just like starting a new exercise book when I was at school.

Let's hope I can control my very untidy handwriting. 

Happy planning!

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  1. Great post, I especially like your
    minimalist functional approach to planning. I may copy some of your ideas like the monthly list. Thanks