Sunday, 26 June 2016

Crochet cover for my Craft Organiser

Here's cover number 2 this time for my fluro pink A5 Original. It's a different style in that ...

the Filofax is inserted from the side into a bag style cover.

The stitch is box stitch with a UK double crochet border of 3 rounds. A crocheted strap holds the cover in place.

This cover is much better than my prototype as it does not flap about because the edges are sewn together.

I'm quite pleased with this one and if I can find some Dark Aqua or Fuchsia pink wool ...

I shall be crocheting another and learning different stitch at the same time. I think this Fluro pink Original will become my Craft Organiser containing crochet, knitting and sewing information with pages for - 

Works in Progress

Library of Future Projects

and a

Supplies List.

Happy Planning


  1. That really looks good, I need to make a Kindle cover like that.

  2. Beautiful. I have just started crocheting pouches for my planner and call it my therapy 😁

  3. I've never used a pouch of cover for any of my binders, but that looks great. I'm sure that you could sell them :)