Sunday, 26 June 2016

Uses for a Filofax

The most obvious use for a Filofax is as a diary but sometimes it can be difficult to fit everything in if the owner has a busy life with many interests. Multiple planners are an ideal solution and can be used in lots of different ways. I have started to make a list, having viewed videos, read blogs and questioned Facebook groups about this very subject. My thanks to all who have inspired me and if anyone can add to this list please leave a comment below. I have suggested possible tabs to go with some of the titles and again if others can suggest more I'm sure they would be of help to people researching this subject.

1. Tracking a learning course
Books needed, Dates, Exercises, Essays, Exam examples

2. Job, Work, Business

3. Goals
Home, Personal, Professional, Family

4. Projects
Decorating, Garden, House building

5. Finances
Money in, Money out, Debt repayment

6. Lists
Grocery, Book, Birthdays, Anniversaries

7. Recipes

8. Meal planning
Weekly meals, Shopping List, Meals to try

9. Unused inserts

10. Stickers

11. Journalling
Travel, Daily

12. Car
Emergency Numbers, Roadside assistance, Insurance, Family Contacts, Service Details, Donor Card

13. Books
To Read, Read, Authors, Reviews

14. Songbook

15. Hobbies
Knitting, Fishing, Golf, Craft

16. GTD
Capture, Clarify, Organise, Reflect, Engage

17. Health and Fitness

18. Home
Inventory, Budget, Finances, Medical Histories

19. Addresses
Friends, Colleagues, Relatives, Business

20. Archive
Monthly, Weekly, Daily pages

21. Social Media
Blog, Vlog, Pinterest, Facebook

22. Occasion and Event planning
Birthdays, Anniversaries, Wedding, Visitors, Picnics, Fayres

23. Passwords
Email, Social Media, Shopping

24. Affirmations and Quotes

25. 43 Folders System or 17 Dividers System
A-Z, Months

26. A - Z / Information / Lists 

27. Notes

28. Wallet
Cards, Notes, Lists, Bus Times

29. Bucket List with ways to achieve everything

30. Music

31. Travel Planner
Documents, Packing List, Daily Log, Places to Visit

32. Christmas
Card List, Countdown, Present List

33. My Locality
Restaurants, Places to go, Places visited

34. Spare Paper
Grid, Lined, Plain

35. House Hunting

36. Tracking
Sleep, Weight, Health condition, Mood

37. Garden

38. Family History

39. Family
Life events, Clothes sizes

40. Baby Binder

41. Reference

42. Diary/Personal/Professional

43. Brain Dump/Bullet Journal

Please leave a comment, also, if you use any of these suggestions for your own planners or organisers. I  have a personal diary, hobbies, spare paper, Christmas, home, wallet, Brain Dump, travel and an A-Z Filofax.

Happy Planning


  1. I've just bought my first Filofax and I am SO excited for it to arrive in the post :) I'm thinking mine will be a diary/journal and hopefully will let me pull in elements of the bullet journal too.

    Thanks for all these awesome ideas :)
    Alice | Whiskey Jars Blog

  2. Great list, thank you. I've also used an A5 for planning projects & for studying a course & also a slimline for taking notes from books :)