Thursday, 23 June 2016

Favourite pens for my Filofax

Once a favourite pen is found then writing in a Filofax is a delight. The pen that works for me for writing in my Filofax is the Pilot Frixion pen in the colour black. These pens are extremely convenient in that if a mistake is made the ink can be rubbed out by friction with the other end of the pen. My first pens came from B&M Bargains and were £4.99 for two. One day I found a  packet containing the same pen but with a clicker to bring down the nib. The pack also contained 2 refills. I think that pack cost £5.99. This clicker pen is now my favourite and is housed through the rings in my pocket Malden Brain Dump.

In order to satisfy the collecting addiction I ordered some coloured Pilot Frixion Pens off Ebay but at the moment I'm just testing them out and they are not part of my daily jottings. I've tried colour coding things in my organiser and it's too much of a put down, pick up ritual that I've stuck to the black and stubbornly refuse to move until I find a way of using the colours with the least amount of faff.

Happy Planning.

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  1. I love Frixion Clicker pens. The weight is just right.