Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Recording Information using a Filofax

* I use an A-Z system in my Microfile for recording small pieces of information. Since my last post on this planner I have added a few more pages and taken a few away. Here are my additions.
Various room cleaning pages so I know which bits of a room have had a thorough clean.

* Some information about my day is put onto my Monthly Pages in my Personal ochre Malden just to fill in the gaps.

My Fuscia A5 Original used to hold information on my hobbies. Now it just holds information on buying and selling on Ebay. 

My Aqua A5 holds information on my other hobbies - language learning and dancing.

A Red Piazza personal holds my Christmas preparation information including addresses.

My Pennybridge holds emergency information.

My Finsbury A4 is my Home Binder in progress and holds information on household matters.

My Brain Dump in my Pocket ochre Malden holds the information that spills from my brain and 

My Mini ochre Malden holds information about my diet.

I suppose everything that is written down in a planner is information of one sort or another but each of these systems of holding information in multiple planners seems to work for me at the moment.

Happy Planning

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