Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Bullet Journal and Filofax

I use my pocket Malden as a Brain Dump and it is set out in Bullet Journal style. It captures thoughts, reflections, don't forgets and ideas, all of which transfer to my different Filofaxes. As soon as an entry is done, scheduled or forwarded then it is crossed off. Once I have finished writing a 2 page spread I move any un-ticked entries on to the next page. (This helps me to increase my productivity and I'd like to finish most of the tasks before I turn over and then I won't have to repeat an entry.)

When all entries are completed the whole page is crossed out.

I don't need an Index page in my Bullet Journal as I don't need to reference any particular page regularly except the current one and that page I mark with a sticky tab. When I finish all the pages in the planner I shall compost all the pages that are crossed out and deal with any Topic or Collection pages that are left.

Happy Planning

PS I've just looked through my BJ and found some Topic pages I've not crossed. One is of my veggie garden layout and I shall be transferring this information to my new (to me) Filofax which should be arriving soon. Yippee!

Another is the Shipping Forecast areas - Viking, N. Utsire, S. Utsire etc. I shall keep this page for a while longer until I can recite them all! :)

A third is some Pimms recipes. I shall transfer these to my recipe book.

I did try forming a Yearly Plan. That one's going!

Meal Suggestions will go in my Home Binder.

Well that's all the pages sorted now. Time for some big crossings out! Perhaps I need a stamp that says - 



  1. Interesting post! I don't know how you manage with so many sections but I'm aiming for something as helpful and organised as this. I love your blog, by the way, but the cantering if the lines isn't the best layout for your readers even though it looks good. Perhaps you'll reconsider this? Best wishes.

    1. Thank you for your comment - so glad you like the blog. By 'cantering' do you mean centering of the text? I don't have any real sections as such in my BJ - I just transfer what needs to be transferred into other planners. It's quite easy as half of the items I get done without transferring.

    2. Sorry. Yes, I meant centring of the text on your blog page.

  2. I'm using my pocket Chameleon as a brain dump too. Your set up is so uncomplicated and goes to the very essence of a brain dump. I also love that you compost your pages. Right now I'm dating my notes because I'm not diligent in transferring to my main planner every day.

  3. I'm enjoying your blog, any chance of sharing your Pimms recipes? I'm planning on picking some up in case you do, if not, it will not go to waste!