Sunday, 5 June 2016

Hole punches for my DIY Filofax pages

Making DIY pages for my Filofax meant punching my own holes in the paper. My first hole punching tool was this single hole punch which I found in our office. It worked but I always had to mark where the holes were to go by laying over another sheet that had the holes already punched. It was very time consuming to do this but I did until ...

I saw on a Y Tube video a way to punch single holes with an ordinary hole punch. Brilliant but still time consuming until ...

I read about this punch and saw one for sale on Ebay. I paid £25 for this new punch and it's worth every penny. It punches holes for mini, pocket and personal sized pages.

The adjustments are made at the back of the punch by simply moving the springy posts. It's so quick and easy to punch correctly spaced holes now. 

Unfortunately it did not punch holes for A4 Filofaxes which have just 4 holes. Each pair of holes can be punched separately with a normal hole punch but it meant lining up with another sheet of paper and was very fiddly until ...

I found this giant at a Car Boot Sale which punched 4 holes. 

It looks like a pair of 'conjoined' normal hole punches and works a treat for punching the correctly spaced holes for the A4 pages. A bargain at £2.

Happy Planning.

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