Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Filofax for over Fifties

My working life is over. No longer do I have to juggle timetables, schedules and attend meetings, seminars and events. I don't have to plan my day to the hour or minute, nor do I have to organise working life around family life with children and their commitments. 

This new retired life does not involve the stress of trying to fit everything in, only the joy of organising the things I want to do and the smooth running of my home.

Do retired people, therefore, need to use a Filofax? Should there be that much organising and planning? Perhaps not but I've been drawn back into the old habits of planning my days and organising my life so the Filofax (es) come in very handy.

I had been toying with the idea of starting a FB group for people of the older generation who still have a hankering to write down 'stuff' to keep their lives in order.

'Filofax for over fifties' sounded good. 

But is it needed? Maybe, maybe not. When I first started this planner journey I only found one lady who had done some YT videos about Filofax for oldies and some of her ideas were extremely interesting and helpful, but most of the information I could glean came from young and middle aged working people or students. I'm sure there are many in retirement who like to organise and plan their lives, recording their hobbies, homelife, travel and interests in a binder, planner or organiser.

Perhaps there may be a place for a  'Planning for Pensioners' group or 'Organising for Oldies'. Who knows? I do know that I'd like to see more ideas from the older generation, the baby boomers who are still booming and blooming.

Happy Planning


  1. Sounds interesting, I have to tell you that I have become very disorganized since I retired. I keep saying I'm going to get organized, but it doesn't happen.

  2. I use my planner all the time since I've retired. I track coffee and lunch dates,doctor's appointments, cleaning schedule, books to read, house maintenance and much more.

  3. I'm not part of the over fifties group but I think it's so great and interesting how Filofaxes are appealing to different generations. My mum and I have the same planner, we both own a Filofax Malden Ochre and we use it for different things.

  4. I have been retired for nearly 7 years now and I use my planner on a daily basis. I organize my household chores, shopping, getting together with friends and also my meals. There are, unfortunately, more medical appointments at this stage of life to deal with and keep track of but I somehow doubt I will ever not use my planner.

  5. Though l am not part of this age group yet, l am always pleased to see that people go on using planners once they retire.
    In my opinion a planner is like a faithful friend. It allows you to stak organized, make plans, dump random ideas or thoughts, keep information about your friends and family etc.
    I don't think that once someone retires they stop planning, having ideas, lists of things to do or birthdays to celebrate. So yes, a planner is and remains useful any age or stage in life!!!