Saturday, 4 June 2016

Habit Tracking

I use a few systems in my Filofax to help me make and track habits. One of the first habits I wanted to make sure I was doing was drinking enough water throughout the day. Many people put a water tracker on their daily page, which consists of an outline of 8 glasses or just a rectangle of 8 squares, and then colour in a square or glass for each 250ml of water drunk that day. By the end of the day the recommended 2 litres of water should have been consumed. Easy to tell when all the squares are coloured. Once I knew that I was regularly colouring in 8 squares I saw no need to track this habit as it had become part of my day - no point in tracking what I was already doing.

Setting up a cleaning system in my organiser enabled me to tidy and clean all areas of my home and then keep them that way. Once this habit of cleaning and tidying was regular then the prompts in my diary did not need to be there. Habit learned and in progress so no need to record anything. (My first cleaning system can be seen here.)

At the moment I'm trying to lose a little weight so again a system has been set up in my mini Filofax to enable me to get into the habit of eating to lose weight. Once the required weight has been achieved I shall alter this system so that I maintain that weight and don't go over. Again when all this becomes a regular habit I shall have no need to record any information and that tracking will cease. (Please click on the 'diet and weightless planner' label for more information.)

So my Filofaxes are used to help me form a habit, maintain a habit and then the tracking stops. (Please click on the 'tracking' label for more information.)

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