Monday, 27 June 2016

Are you in charge of your Filofax?

Or is your Filofax in charge of you?

"Well, of course I'm in charge of my Filofax. I'm the one that writes in it and works out schedules. It's me who works out what tasks need to be done at particular times and on particular days so that I am working at my optimum productivity. My day will run much more smoothly if I organise my day so that not a minute is lost. The future is now known because I have planned it beforehand - I will be prepared. Yes, I'm definitely in charge and all the better for it - a whizz at organisation, an answer for every eventuality and the person to come to in case of emergency. My Filofax will give me the answers."

"Well, maybe I'm not in charge - I worry because I've neglected to hoover the stairs and I should have done today, you know - it says so here on the Wednesday! Sorry, can't do that, I have to weed the garden. I'm doing my planning of the week this evening so it's not convenient for me to go out for a walk. I can't do planning on a Monday - it's got to be Sunday night. I plan for the week, see, and my week begins on a Monday. Yes, always a Monday. Now look, the line I've drawn is not straight. My colours don't co-ordinate - I'll have to start again!"

Yes, I am in charge of my Filofax and no, I will not let it get in charge of me. If I don't keep to schedule - tough. If I haven't crossed off all my tasks - hard luck. I'll embrace spontaneity and creativity whenever the fancy takes me rather than rigidly sticking to the 'orders' I have written down. I will not fret because the loos weren't cleaned today nor will I worry that I've not succeeded in finishing my book this week. I shall live life in the here and now and not through my Filofax. 

There I've been assertive. Now where's my Filofax I'd better plan in this creativity and spontaneity lark so I'm prepared for the next time!

Happy Planning

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  1. Ooh, sounds like my planner. Loved your post.