Wednesday, 15 June 2016

What's not in my Filofax

Having viewed numerous videos on Filofaxes, planners and organisers I've come to the conclusion that there's an awful lot of stuff that goes into other people's Filofaxes which does not feature in mine.

Stickers - I've tried, yes I've tried (not very hard though) to have a few stickers here and there but as an eco warrior most of my diary pages will be composted at the end of the year and the addition of more paper goes against the grain. It's also a chore to me to decorate pages. The simpler my systems the better.

Washi tape - I've tried, yes I've tried and got the tape to prove it. I've edged and bordered, topped and tailed but again it's rather a chore unless I'm in the mood to be artistic.

Sticky notes - I use them very rarely and don't keep them with my Filofax as invariably they curl up or mess up. Other people can keep them in the pockets straight and pretty but mine just look crammed in so I don't like them there. When I do need a sticky note to jot down something I can never find them now.

There must be some videos out there that don't start off with a talk about stickers, paperclips and dingly dangly things (pretty as they are). The ones that are about using a Filofax showing systems in action seem few and far between.

I'm not knocking the 'let me show you the decorated pages of my planner' vids at all as there are some very creative and talented people out there - my feeble attempts at decoration leave a lot to be desired! I'd just like to see some creative ideas that are not just to do with the look of a page.

My planner journey has seen me trying to tailor a system of planning that works for me using multiple planners, (My name is mum and I'm a Filoholic!), and I'd love to find videos and blogs that show and share similar journeys.

Happy Planning


  1. I’m not much of a decorator either. However, whatever stickers and washi tape get used, are coded by the base or predominant color. My planner ends up looking like Frankenstein’s coloring book. But it works.

  2. I use functional stickers, washi (not too much, mostly functional reason like blind out not dated days in monthly calendar), and sticki notes too. But I don't talk about them in my videos :D WHen I watch videos, I go after the "what are in the pockets" part :)

  3. "There must be some videos out there that don't start off with a talk about stickers, paperclips and dingly dangly things..." This line almost made coffee come out of my nose! Yes, I feel where you're coming from. My planner is a pocket Malden so I have even less space and each square inch is precious. Stickers - even functional ones - just get in the way, take up too much room and detract my focus. I don't need a sticker of a tooth to note a dentist appointment or a sticker of a fork and knife for a dinner date. I just write the 1pm - Dentist or 6:30 - date night. Some people are more visual and the stickers enable them to hone in, but I wind up too focused on the visual and not on what actually that visual represents.

    Functional planner videos are very rare indeed. My personal faves are Giftie Etcetera and Kent From Oz

  4. Amen! I'm not a sticker or washi tape planner either. I would find it too distracting. To add some color or emphasis to my pages, I use a colored pen or highlighter to bring attention to things I shouldn't overlook. And, I sometimes add a peanuts comic strip from my desk calendar if I still have room at the end of the week (and ONLY if the comic strip makes me smile/laugh).

    I'm not knocking all the gorgeously decorated planner pages, but if I had one of those I'd never get anything done because the busyness would mean I would be less likely to actually open it. Doesn't that defeat the whole purpose of writing out your plans?

    Great post!

  5. Thank you! I too want a plain and simple planner, not an art project. At first all the decorative planners made me feel inadequate. After a 30 second pity-party regarding my total lack of creativity, I realized that instead of obsessing over creating pretty pages, I could be “getting it done”!