Saturday, 11 June 2016

Morning Routine and Filofax Routine

My Morning Routine does not need to be written down in my planner as it is more or less the same every day involving breakfast, getting up, washing, tidying etc. As for the Filofax I just have a quick look at what is written for the day to remind me of the tasks that need to be tackled, the appointments to keep and the errands to run.

It's in the evening when I have the time to sit down that my Filofax Routine takes place. Armed with any receipts, my Brain Dump Bullet Journal and my in-tray.

I first of all sort out my cash tracking and note down any further actions on the finance front.

From my Brain Dump Filo inspirations are transformed into tasks and to-dos or scheduled on the calendar.

A check on the meal plan is next so I know what to take out of the freezer for the next day. If I've put something in the freezer such as leftover meals this will be noted down in the relevant place.

I look at yesterday's entry and tick off tasks and to-dos etc. and check my calendar to look at anything that needs to be noted in the weekly pages.

I like to record, in one sentence, the Best Bit of the Day and this goes in my Best Bit Book which has dates for the next 5 years. In future years I can compare what I've liked on any particular day. There's always at least one 'Best Bit' in the day even if it's just - "Turned over and snatched 5 minutes more sleep this morning."

I note in my mind any tasks, appointments or errands, even though I look at them again in the morning and I record or note, if necessary, any follow ups to the tasks of my day such as - details of any medical appointments.

Finally I tackle any stray pieces of paper from my in-tray and note, recycle or file the papers.

Really it's just taking stock of the day and preparing for the next and the chore becomes a hobby when using a Filofax.

Happy Planning

PS A click on the labels at the side or under the post will give more detail on the Bullet Journal.

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