Monday, 6 June 2016

What has your planner done for you?

My planner has allowed me to organise my days productively. I am now able to get more things done, the things I want to do and also the things I have been avoiding. It has helped me to menu plan and shop without waste, keep track of my health issues, organise a cleaning schedule, gather my thoughts, achieve movement towards my goals and carry out my yearly, weekly and daily tasks. My ideas can be brought to fruition or ruled out completely. My planner stores information which can be accessed easily using simple systems to make sure nothing is overlooked. My planner is constantly evolving in response to improved efficiency so making my life more productive.

What has your planner done for you?

Happy Planning.

1 comment:

  1. That sounds very much like what “Aunt Vi,” Electric Blue Finsbury, does for me. Add in a 4-color Frixion, supply pouch, and 2 extra folders, I also have about 5mm dedicated to a ‘Focus and Centering’ section for when I get totally frazzled, Stepping back and counting to 10 doesn’t work for me, I need to concentrate on something…ME. She’s Stuffed. About as much as a Finsbury can be without busting the rings.