Thursday, 1 September 2016

Time to leave home

I've only used my Pennybridge as a wallet up to now as I didn't want to run the risk of losing one of my Maldens but I decided that this little lad is ready for the big world outside and as well as being my Bullet Journal Thought Capturing Brain Dump he's now my wallet come mobile holder. My Pennybridge and 'phone case are now resting. This is my Pocket Malden and the dingle dangle I chose for this is a trolley coin for use when I shop at the supermarket.

I'm on a roll with the Autumn theme and this is a plastic pocket with a cutting from a magazine inside.

Opposite my flyleaf I keep coins in the zip pocket and my card in the slip pocket. It doesn't seem as secure as in a dedicated card slot so I may transfer it into a plastic pocket.

My ICE information is in the next plastic holder,

followed by my year at a glance.

Inside is my Bullet Journal Thought Capturing Brain Dump plus some handy bits of note paper for shopping lists or notes.

The back pocket holds my mobile 'phone and in the other pocket is a bus timetable.

My bus pass fits in one of the front pockets and other relevant bus times are slotted in behind.

I really must crochet a suitably autumnal coloured ring protector. This purple one came out of my mini and is not quite the right size.

Happy Planning

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