Monday, 19 September 2016

Keep it simple planning - part 1

What I don't need to do

1. Write out a cleaning schedule. I've been there and done that and I now know that I've got the T-shirt because the schedule I started and refined now works for me and I hardly ever have to write routine cleaning tasks down as I know them. The initial logging of the To Dos has been a success and now it can cease.

2. Put month dividers at the beginning of each month. They are not needed and just take up space. I am currently using Filofax WO2P. There are not many pages to make up the year and so finding any particular date is easy. The Today marker marks where I am. I can put the current month near the front and I there's not much shuffling of pages to find where I want to be.

3. Log my spending on a separate sheet. I'm sure I can incorporate it on the daily sections. My logging and tracking should be done on my weekly pages so I have only one piece of paper to work with.

4. Include any pages which are not conducive to everyday planning and organising. I seem to have accumulated dividers, plastic envelopes, contact pages and spare paper. They will have to go elsewhere.

5. Write in different coloured inks as I invariably lose my pens amongst the debris on my bed working areas on my office desk.

Happy planning


  1. I love your idea of keeping daily spending right on your weekly pages. Makes complete sense! I'm going to implement this right away!!

  2. Yes, yes - doing planner-house cleaning! I'm in a pocket and want to incorporate some more every day items into it, which means I have to clean out what I don't utilize on a regular basis. One is the A-Z tabs I use as my reference section. The most I reference are bank account numbers, but those can go on a piece of paper elsewhere and I can free up that bulk.

    It's sometimes easier to figure out what we don't need in our planners first because what's left is what we truly do need