Friday, 30 September 2016

Black and white Filofax planning

It's plain to see in black and white. Here's the black - a new to me patent black Original Filofax,

which I didn't need, of course, but which called out to me to join my other Originals. What could I do but offer it a new home. It took a while to settle in but has now found its niche as holder of experimental pages. I was really impressed with the Oddslikeme site and decided to try some 'alternative' layouts for weekly spreads and designs. Not being much of an artist I tried my hand at Zentangles which are supposedly easy to do! Not that easy with a rather thick Sharpie though. My paper was cut from a large art paper book left here when DD moved out. It's rather thick and lovely and perfect for writing and drawing. My first attempt was 'not bad' so I had another go.

Not bad again. The opposite page is a very simple layout of a monthly page. I want to keep each page simple and clean and just black and white to complement the black Filofax.

Getting rather wobbly here. The lined pages are card from my Recipe file.

Fourth attempt was 'poor' but acceptable. My Sharpie is too thick and I'm too slapdash. 

All is not lost, though, as I found a colouring book at Poundland which saves me an enormous amount to effort and offsets my 'alternative' weekly spreads.

My colouring book pages can be put into play as 'To Do' lists.

Happy Planning

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