Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Keep it simple planning - part 2

What I do need to do

1. Use my monthly dividers as a front picture at the beginning of the planner. This will utilise the dividers and also mark my monthly page.

2. Make better use of the space for each day on my WO2P. My logging of spending can take up less space and I can devise a system on the page to make a running total of spends each week. It is not beyond my wit!

3. Neaten up and make my pages look smart. I shall experiment.

4. Introduce some long term goals and start putting them into action. I'm just drifting along only doing what is necessary and not particularly challenging myself at the moment. It's time to get out of a rut. I can make an initial start with this list!

5. Tidy up my spare bed office desk.

Happy planning


  1. I can't wait to see how you neaten up your wo2p!

  2. I am loving this serie of simple planning!