Tuesday, 30 August 2016

I wonder why Filofax don't -

* start a custom design service

Many planner addicts tend to love one type of planner but they still would like features of other planners incorporated in their chosen style.

* have a range of different weights of paper
Bleed through occurs if certain pens are used on Filofax paper. Different weights of paper would cater for different writing implements and writing and drawing styles.

* have a wider range of coloured papers

It's wonderful that new designs are on offer now and I'm sure that a choice of rainbow colours for their plain pages would brighten up their sales of Filofax paper.

* have rings which can be interchanged or even taken out if not needed

This would encourage creativity with inserts and cater to a whole new group who prefer notebook planning.

* supply planners which don't peel or stain

The coating on the Classic Cross is prone to peeling and the patent Originals are prone to staining. Wear and tear should ideally enhance the look of these organisers. The Maldens seem to just get better and better the more use they have.

* bring back the mini size

Maybe they didn't sell many of this size and that is the reason why they stopped producing - who knows?

* supply their planners with a choice of dated or undated pages

More than one planner bought in a year means more than one set of dated diary pages. Would a choice of inserts increase sales of Filofaxes?

* supply their planners with pen holders that hold a pen not made by Filofax

Does your Filofax pen holder hold your preferred writing implement?


This may seem like a moan but it isn't - just musings. We can't have everything and things are easier said than done. Filofax can't offer every variation under the sun - it's not feasible or economically viable. There's no harm in wishing though!

Happy planning

PS Perhaps Filofax do some of the things I've mentioned here. I'll go and have another thorough look at their site.


  1. I don't work for Filofax and maybe they will respond directly. However after following the ups and downs of the company over 30 years, I think I can give the answers to some of your questions!
    Filiofax is unlikely to offer custom design. They don't make their own organisers and haven't for more than 20 years. Instead, they design a model and invite companies in the Far East (China, India) to produce a large batch (several hundred or even thousands) of it in a few colours. This keeps the cost price right down. If the batch sells, they will order another batch - maybe in a different colour - for next year. A small manufacturer such as Van de Spek operates on a more niche but flexible basis.
    Regarding inserts - Filofax used to offer a huge range of these but culled over 90% as retailers were no longer interested in stocking hundreds of different lines. With the internet it would be easier for them to reintroduce a wider range but they don't! The same goes for undated fill. Most retailers don't want to have to swop and change contents in store.
    Regarding sizes - Filofax has reduced these over the years - again to streamline the range to best sellers. So, A4, M2 and Mini have all gone and unlikely to return.
    Hope this helps!

    1. Thank you for the info, Tim. I appreciate your detailed comment.

  2. It's a shame that Filofax discontinued the Mini. I use mine as a wallet rather than a planner, and when I heard there were no more I grabbed two Minis off eBay to hoard for when my current Mini wears out.