Monday, 29 August 2016

Thought catching, Brain Dumping, Capturing or Action Accumulating

When is the best time for capturing those thoughts and ideas which would help in life organisation and productivity? For me it could be any time but there are times when inspiration and creativity are sparked while doing routine or repetitive tasks. My mind wanders and ponders at these times. This idea for a post came while doing the ironing so, with trusty pocket Malden on the kitchen work surface, I ironed and jotted. 

The following are my thoughts on the best times for thought catching, brain dumping, capturing and action accumulating.

1. when stoking the cat
2. before sleep
3. during sleep - dream catcher needed here :)
4. while ironing
5. while sitting on the loo

I shall log any more fruitful, inspirational times in my Filofax and add to this list. Blog reader contributions would be most welcome.

Happy Planning

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