Monday, 15 August 2016

Holiday planner for visitors

My original idea for a Holiday planner was for it to be a place to organise our family holidays but this year we haven't been anywhere. However we have had visitors for a fortnight and the planner came in very handy for our staycation at home with our guests.

My sections were:-

Travel Information - when our guests were arriving, their journey over (which took 2 days and involved them staying in 2 different countries to break up their journey) and information on where they were staying prior to arriving here. I also had contact details.

Itinery - here I noted various places we could visit from our home base.

Diary Section - in here was a countdown of things that had to be done before our visitors arrived 

and notes about what was happening.

I added more detail with a more detailed log of each day.

This Holiday Planner helped with both the organisation of the visit and is now a record of the visit itself.

It's next job is to help with our holiday abroad later on in the year. I've already made some notes and looked up flight prices. The cat stays home, though.

Happy Planning

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