Sunday, 24 July 2016

My Filofax Collection

My planner collection is growing and I need to make sure that I am getting optimum use out of all my Filofaxes. I love collecting the different styles and colours and for variety I swap and change around with their contents as my planning and organising evolves. No one system stays the same for long as I find my way to planning efficiency. Life changes and so plans change - using my Filofaxes keeps my ideas fresh and more creative. 

Here is a list of all my planners and their current uses. There is only one that lies empty at the moment and that is because I need to match its colour with its use - the fluro-pink is so bright and cheerful and is crying out for fun and frivolity to be stored inside. Perhaps it could be a party planner - but we don't have parties here. Maybe it could be a fashion planner but I'm afraid I'm not into fashion, just wearing what I want to wear and not what fashion houses dictate. A Bucket list planner could be a good idea mapping out plans to put my wish lists into action - but I don't have a bucket list as I am content with what I have. I'll just have to keep thinking. Meanwhile here is my list as it stands at the moment.

1. Red Piazza personal
Christmas planner

2. Lime Piazza personal
Monthly, weekly insert storage from 2016

3. Black Finsbury A4
Home binder

4. Fuchsia Original A5
Ebay binder

5. Lilac Piazza personal
Monthly insert storage from 2015

6. Red Pennybridge pocket
Wallet and shopping planner

7. Ochre Malden personal
Daily diary

8. Dark Aqua Original A5
Hobbies binder

9. Ochre Malden pocket
Bullet Journal / Brain Dump

10. Ochre Malden mini
Weight loss recorder

11. Lavender Original A5
Recipe binder

12. Fluro-pink Original A5
Just there to be admired at the moment :)

13. Pear Original personal
2017 Diary for forward planning

14. Blue Active personal
Travel and Holiday planner, journal and diary

15. Burgundy Classic Cross personal
Paper storage

My main 'families' are the Maldens and the Originals. The Maldens to me are the workhorses that take handling in their stride, are comforting to touch and satisfying to use. The Originals are exciting and colourful and they to me are the eye candy of my planning empire being so simply stylish.

Happy Planning

PS I may use my Fluro-pink as a project planner. Now that could be exciting and fun!

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