Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Filofax as a Recipe Binder - 1

I am debating whether to use one of my Filofaxes as a Recipe Binder.

At the moment my collection of recipes are stuck into an ordinary notebook.

The recipes have been picked up from friends, relatives, magazines and newspapers, are written on bits of scrap paper, envelopes or simply just cut out or stuck in.

I'm wondering whether this motley selection of collected instructions for cakes, meals, pies and pastries would be suitable for a ring planner.

They are a record of my forays into the kitchen documenting my blunders, failures or successes in the culinary world.

This book has seen some hard knocks, spilt ingredients, greasy fingers and floury hands.

It has suffered greatly.

No, perhaps I'd better not put my pristine Filofax in this hazardous situation - it's just asking for trouble. Or maybe, yes. One of the beauties of a Filofax is that it is a ring binder. I could just take out the page that I wanted and leave the rest in a safe place. It would not matter if the page got splashed and my precious Filofax would remain in a clean condition. I could have sections for Cakes, Pies, Meals, Drinks etc. Yeah, problem solved. I wonder if anyone else uses a Filofax in a kitchen situation.

Happy Planning

PS for Crofter, who commented on this post - I hope I've helped. I found the recipes here.

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