Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Filofax as a Recipe Binder - 2

And the plan?

Well that was to do with the making of a Recipe Binder

"One of the beauties of a Filofax is that it is a ring binder. I could just take out the page that I wanted and leave the rest in a safe place. It would not matter if the page got splashed and my precious Filofax would remain in a clean condition. I could have sections for Cakes, Pies, Meals, Drinks etc. "

My Lilac Original A5 was requisitioned, the contents to be recycled, and off I went - cutting out the pages from my tatty recipe notebook, slicing them straight, hole punching them and placing them on the rings - all while listening to the Podcast on the Philofaxy blog.

I'd just stuck the collected recipes in the notebook in any old order so I set about ordering them into 2 sections - one for Savoury and one for Sweet. Next I made some index pages on the computer putting the different recipes under the following headings. (The recipes I had, dictated the headings.)


How many people collect recipes and then don't bother making them? Many of the recipes I had collected I'd never made. Now there's no point in keeping them if I don't try them so my next task was numbering the pages. I didn't put any numbered pages on my index/contents page though. I'm going to number the page when I've tried the recipe. That way I can see what I've made and what I haven't - a sort of tracking of my trying new recipes.

My final task was to make a front dashboard which is just the original transparent dashboard with some magazine pictures behind. One can be seen in the pic below but there are about 6 others which I will swap each time I try a new recipe. On the back of some of these pictures I've stuck the recipe for the dish in the picture. 

My first tryout will be Egg stuffed Peppers and Tomatoes, a page marked with the Filofax ruler.

Happy Planning


  1. Sounds a really good use for one of your filofaxes. Keeps things small and neat.

  2. I have long used my personal Filofax for recipes although they have their own section along with the weekly menu and grocery list. Fabulous idea, and I hope it works out well for you. I now confine my section to tried and true recipes, recipes that work, and ones in heavy rotation. Printing out recipes for my Filo has proved to be very addicting. Love your photo with the "Cook's Tip: Do not make this again".