Saturday, 13 February 2016

Different sections in my Filofax

My main organiser has different sections which help me get things done and keep me organised.

Monthly Dividers - These are card dividers with sticky out tabs which divide up the pages into months. In my organiser they are decorated according to the season.

Year at a Glance - This is a fold out sheet or a 2 page spread showing all the days in the year. It can be used for tracking purposes, highlighting important dates or just as a reference.

Month at a Glance - More detail for the days of the month can be added here. My month at a glance is just a list of the days and dates. On there I can see doctor appointments, volunteer days, trips out, which bins to put out, when to order my pills and visits or visitor dates.

Monthly To-Do List - Here I can list anything I should do or want to do in the month. For example in February I want to continue to save a certain amount each week, make a March divider, weed the garden and use up the veg in the freezer.

Daily Pages - On the daily page I note down any tasks I wish to accomplish during the day, any additional tasks I did accomplish, what we intend to eat for meals, how much I've spent and any appointments.

Weekly Review - At the end of each week I summarise various things I want to track such as how much money I've spent at different places, how much I've managed to de-clutter, what projects I've started, how I slept and any health matters.

Monthly Review - At the end of each monthly section of daily pages I summarise the weekly summaries. These summaries are not set in stone and I may want to track other things in different months such as which veg I plant etc.

Today Marker - This is an easily removable card or ruler that acts like a book mark, indicating today's page.

Tabs - These just stick out from the pages indicating different sections of the organiser.

My Filofax is set up to work for me and it is always a work in progress as I keep reviewing, focussing and refining tasks.

Happy Planning.


  1. I always enjoy seeing how you have it set up and how you use it.

  2. Sounds like you've got a really good system set up there.