Friday, 12 February 2016

Tan Pocket Cross

I was expecting. No, not babies. I was expecting a parcel in the post following a winning bid on Ebay. While waiting I dismantled a small notebook from B&M. The outer cover came off.

The pages were trimmed ...

… and holes were punched.

Here's what was in the parcel.

A Tan Pocket Cross Filofax.

This one I'm going to use as my Bullet Journal. The trimmed pages from my notebook were pressed into service …

… and a March calendar was set up. The rest of the pages are blank so far as I'm finishing February in my old bullet journal.

The pocket seems quite big and plenty more pages will fit in it. It feels silky smooth and has a lovely leather smell. I will keep this by the side of my bed for my nocturnal inspirational thoughts!!

Happy Planning.


  1. Exciting, what a lovely filofax. I can see that you're doing the bullet journalling the proper way. Well done.