Monday, 22 February 2016

Weekly Menu Planner

My Weekly Menu Planner is now on the back of my Notes Page Marker. My planning is very simple and can be changed at any time. It keeps me from wasting any food and saves time and money in the process. I only mark in our main meal of the day as breakfasts are either toast, muesli, a bacon buttie or a full English and lunches revolve around eggs, salad or soup.

I've just labelled the days and at the start of the week, or any time in between I put in the meat part of our diet. For this example the meat is chicken which, of course lends itself to many recipes. This particular week starts with roast chicken, with more of the chicken used with chips for the Tuesday meal. Any left-over bits I will use in a pie, served with veggies and potatoes. For Friday it will be fish as I am in town and will pass the fishmonger's. Saturday's meal will be liver and onions for DH and a bacon and potato bake for me, which are freezer meals prepared last week. Sunday we will have a pasta dish containing any left over or frozen veggies.

This plan leaves many options open as to how I want to cook. Also I can change my mind completely as I've written in a Pilot Frixion pen which will rub out entries easily. e.g.- if the chicken doesn't stretch to all those meals or if we go out to eat, I'll just rub out and adjust accordingly.

By having freshly prepared plus frozen meals from bulk cooking I am able to streamline our meals and not stress about what we can have for tea.

Happy Planning!


  1. A very flexible system, which sounds perfect.

  2. Good idea, I am planning a menu this week x