Sunday, 7 February 2016

Brown Personal Hamilton

This Filofax was a chance find in a Charity Shop. It was priced £2.50 and was hidden among other small zipped bath bags, phone covers and small handbags. It's a brown Personal Hamilton and is definitely the most masculine of my collection, being an official looking colour suited to an office worker and professional rather than a girly, eye-catching colour. (Am I being sexist here?) It appealed to me because:-
a. it was a Filofax
b. it was leather
c. it was a bargain
d. it looked unloved

I jazzed it up slightly on the inside with sticky notes (I've noticed that one has to mention sticky notes when enthusing over an organiser), page flags (I have to mention those as well) and Washi tape cards (cheapy little strips from Japan bought on Ebay).

I'm not using this for credit cards - 

- but for my Filofax A-Z lists. My dividers came from the CS, bought for 50p and I scoured the Internet as to what to do with them. They add more bright colour to lift the dull brown. Many Filofax addicts have a surfeit of A-Z dividers but few know what to do with them. By far the most popular way of using them (apart from addresses) was to have an A-Z file. The problem starts there, though, as few people know what to keep in each section.

I let the dividers sit for a while and then off loaded all the things I wanted to record, list and log into the different sections.

Here's what I've filed so far -

A- Authors. I generally read a book and don't care who the author is so I thought I'd make a list of authors of books that I really enjoyed reading so that I could look out for more of their books.

B- Books I've read and Books recommended by other people, Baby, Bedroom Cleaning, Birthday Cards, Blood Pressure
C- Car details, Christmas Ideas, Crochet, CPR
D- Contact numbers of Dancers (another hobby), Dining Room Cleaning
E- Emergency
F- Filofax details, Finance (money spent)
G- Garden log
H- Health, Hairdresser
I- Ideas
J- Jobs that need to be done around the house
K- Kitchen cupboards (what's in them), Kitchen Cleaning
L- Lent - what we've lent to other people and the date so we don't forget, Loose Ends - a list of small things that can be done with no urgency
M- Medical log, House Maintenance log, Map (Where else would you put the Filofax map?), Master Grocery List, Meter Readings, Music Jobs
N- Needle list for knitting and crochet
O- Oven timer - how to set (I always forget.)
P- Packing list for holidays, Passwords
R- Routines - daily, weekly, yearly
S- details of my Singer sewing machines, Sayings
W- Words (unusual), Weight

There are only a few gaps and I'm sure I will be able to fill them sometime. As always Filofaxes are very fluid affairs where the set-ups can be changed regularly.

The back of the Hamilton has a zipped pocket, indicated by the card. I don't keep anything in there.

Here's the back with another little hiding place. I find that if I put anything in a hiding place I'll forget it's there.

Happy Planning!

* Added later


  1. Not masculine, but very professional looking. I like your A-Z list.

  2. Its gorgeous! What an amazing find! I am purely jealous!!! :)

  3. You inspired me to use my A-Z tabs! Thank you for the idea.