Saturday, 22 October 2016

Filofaxers who lunch

Having a local pub within staggering distance is very tempting each week especially as this local features craft beers. Last time we ventured in we had a look at the beer festival guide which listed all the different beers available over a certain period.

List - aha! What do we do with lists, I wonder? This one ended up in my out and about Fauxdidodi Filofax. In order for it to fit I trimmed it top and bottom and hole punched the sides. 

I thought that slitting the holes would allow instant pullout-ability and then another idea sprang to mind.

I cut the pullout slots a lot wider in the middle of the leaflet so that the whole thing could stay in the rings and the pullout section could easily unfold.

On a roll I decided to plonk the lunch menu in too, same punching as before.

We can peruse the menu before we even leave the house now.

Three beers on the Festival list have been 'ticked off' already. Oh dear - it's such a long list but I think we'll enjoy the 'ticking off' on this one!

Happy planning

PS The diet planner will soon be back in action.

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