Thursday, 6 October 2016

Don't Do it

I put a To Do page in between my WO2P and on it I wrote To Dos that did not have to be done on a certain day. I even slitted the holes so that the list could be moved from week to week until the tasks were done. I've lasted 3 weeks like this but have now decided that splitting up my week with another page is not conducive to productive flow as I cannot see the whole week at one glance. It was very disconcerting as I had to keep turning the To Do page back and forth in order to see the rest of the week or the beginning of the week.

The offending page has been taken out and is now next to my monthly page. Some ideas work, some don't. One system works for a few weeks and then doesn't when circumstances change. The beauty of ringed binders is that pages can be moved at will.

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