Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Filofax Kitchen Cupboard Project

I keep a list in the kitchen to note down things to buy as and when I run out. This then becomes my next shopping list. I wanted to go one step further in my list making in order to streamline and optimise the items that I keep in the cupboards and to keep me informed of next purchases ahead of time.

My first step was to produce a Master Grocery List of all the foodstuffs and non-foodstuffs in the kitchen cupboards. From that I wanted to only store the optimum number of each item. e.g. always have one full roll of tin foil for when the one in use runs out or always have 6 tins of tomatoes in the cupboard to last until the next shopping day (We like tinned tomatoes!). I downloaded a sample Master Grocery List and then set about an audit of the kitchen cupboards to see what was in use.

Roughly filling in the Master List gave me an idea of how much of a page I needed to use for each Category. My first task now will be to log what I have so far and work out how many of each item I need to store in the cupboard to last me until the next shopping trip.

Eventually I hope to be able to work out meal plans, freezer rotation and items for the shopping list. I should always know what's in my cupboards and what items need to be used up before their sell by date. Calling this a project gives me a use for these project pages that came with my Westfalia.

I don't know what my system will turn out to be yet but I hope it will eventually work itself out for me. Meanwhile so far ...

Filofax Food Project

Aim:- to streamline grocery shopping, food auditing and meal planning


* audit cupboards, fridge and freezer
* download Master Grocery List
* Fill in list
*Design own list
*Make pages
*Fill in customised pages
*Trial and review
*Use up superfluous items
*Optimise cupboard contents
*Trial and review
Design in change of routine
*Finalise design pages
*Laminate if needed

Happy Planning

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