Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Getting Things Done in a Filofax

Here is how I GTD in my Filofax. The basic GTD system can be viewed here.

1. Collect

My Inboxes are my Bullet Journal Brain Dump (Pocket Malden in Ochre) and my Out and About wallet (Mini Raspberry Finsbury) plus any larger papers are put in an inbox by the side of my computer.

2. Organise

From all the jottings in the above I do the following:-
a. Schedule from the BD into my monthly, weekly or daily pages of my personal Filofax (Personal Malden).
b. Do the task straight away or the same day.
c. Put in my A-Z binder (under Master To Do, Information, Ideas, Projects) which is reviewed monthly and updated or scheduled as tasks in the Personal day to day Filofax or the Hobbies, Travel, Recipes or Wallet Filofaxes. 
d. Trash

Here's an example of one of my entries in my Brain Dump.

Paint fences

This was put on my Monthly To Do sheet as a yearly task to do in Spring. A Monthly To Do sheet always follows my Monthly vertically laid out page. Monthly Tasks that don't occur every year are on the back of the Monthly page.

I'm pleased to say that all the garden fences were painted in wood stain by the end of May. Mind you, I worked flat out at it as the end of the month drew nearer. Yeah! The system works.

Happy Planning.

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  1. Your organization amazes me. I start well, but have trouble with the follow through.