Sunday, 29 May 2016

Yearly and Monthly Pages

My yearly pages just hold the dates of birthdays and anniversaries. Any other dates are put on my Monthly Pages. My Monthly Page is just a vertically laid out list of dates on lined paper. I write in the days and dates. Birthdays, anniversaries and important dates and appointments are written on this page. Any gaps are filled in with something I've done that day. I shall keep all these monthly pages and ditch the weekly pages at the end of the year.

On the reverse of the page is a To Do list for that month with things I want to achieve and things that need to be done in that specific month every year. The Monthly recurring tasks are listed on the opposite page and added to as the month progresses. I aim to have eventually a complete Monthly recurring task list but I feel it will take time to achieve. I have tried a two page monthly spread with boxes but kept coming back to a list view. There's no decoration and it's purely functional as I want a planner that is quick and easy to use and one which enables maximum productivity with minimal stress.

Happy Planning

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