Sunday, 1 May 2016

Bullets for a Bullet Journal - portable dashboard

I use my pocket Malden as a Bullet Journal because it is the only one of my planners that moves around with me. It's portable and convenient and one place to put all my ideas as and when they occur to me! I suppose it's my own portable dashboard.

I've been playing around with my own design of bullets for my Bullet Journal in my pocket Malden. It has squared paper pages, (there's a name for this kind of paper and I keep forgetting it), and I thought I'd try a simple way of marking my notes. 

Most of my notes are tasks that are to do and these get marked off when done - so a simple tick does the trick. Some tasks I move into my personal diary Filofax to do another day so they are 'Forwarded' there. 

I couldn't get my head round the difference between Forwarded, Migrated and Scheduled so my Scheduled mark means that I put that task on my Master To Do list which I dip into from time to time. 

Abandoned means either -

great idea but not a chance of carrying it out
rubbish idea, why on earth did you write it down!

Put back means - it's a possibility - stick it in a goals list somewhere and I may or may not get round to doing it. I can't decide.

From the first mark many different arrows can be drawn. I couldn't think of what I could name them.

Watch this space!

Happy Planning.

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