Sunday, 22 May 2016

Filofax personal Active as a Travel Planner

This robust organiser was from car boot at a very reasonable price. It needed a wipe with a cloth to take off some dirty marks and now it is a beautiful royal blue. The cover, I believe is made of Neoprene, which is a synthetic rubber.

I'm going to use this organiser as a Travel Planner.

My set up is still in its infancy but so far I have the world map under the Filofax plastic page.

Before this homemade dashboard I have punched a plastic postcard wallet to hold my passport. (Haven't tried it yet so I hope it fits!). I think I'll put another one in to hold boarding passes.

I am not a great traveller but I thought I'd keep in the world map as a handy reference. Behind this map are 2 further pull out maps of our destination area.

Some of the printed pages I downloaded from Printed Portal, a site I found while trawling through travel planner videos, blogs and sites.

I thought I'd better have a Brain Dump section for ideas that spring to mind.

Now for the sections.

Section 1 will contain information needed for the trip, emergency contacts, addresses, phone numbers and information about the country we are going to.

Section 2 ...

… houses the Itinerary pages, one per day, which will log the day's activities, meals and any notes or observations. Any extra journalling can be done on the reverse of the page.

Section 3 is the expenses section and I downloaded an expenses envelope from My Life all in One Place.

Section 4 is home to a timetable to hold any advanced scheduling,

while section 5 contains checklists - a packing checklist and ...

… a checklist of things to do before we leave.

Section 6 will be for notes and at the very end of the planner is a place for cards.

I'm not sure whether this planner will be useful to me or not but it will help me organise and plan for our holiday in a methodical way.

Now I have to find a bag to hold it to make sure I keep it on my person. I'd hate to put it down and lose it in a foreign country!

Happy Planning.


  1. Great idea. You could use it as a travel journal too, to record your travels too.

  2. What a great idea, I think I need one.