Saturday, 5 March 2016

Weekly Page for planner

Welcome to my new planner addict followers.

I don't seem to be writing a lot on my daily pages which seems rather wasteful of paper. The alternative is a week on one page but I'm not about to spend fortunes on inserts. When I was in Home Bargains I found this pad of Weekly to do's and had an idea.

With a little bit of hole punching …

and folding I ended up with a Weekly Page for my planner.

I shall use one of these pages instead of my daily pages to see if I can fit everything on this extendable bit of paper. Even if I have to go back to writing on daily pages I'll still have a weekly view. For an outlay of 79p I think I've picked up a bargain.

Happy Planning!


  1. That looks a fab idea, Ive added that to my HB list for tomorrows shopping. Thank you x