Thursday, 31 March 2016

My First Planner

My very first planner was not a Filofax but a black, zipped, Microfile. It is the same size as a personal and the rings are the same size too.

Let's start at the very beginning way back in December 2013 when one of my New Year's Resolutions was to:-

"write down, record and plan in the hopes that these jottings will enable me to be more organised.
Mind you, I don't particularly like being too organised as I enjoy 'going with the flow' which is much more spontaneous, inspiring and creative."

The black zipped planner was my first ever planner purchase, from the Charity Shop. This planner got me started on the whole planner experience and is really the one to blame for my Filofax Journey. I made it my personal planner and crafted dividers and inserts to fit it. Here's a blog post I did back in January 2014 about this planner.

"My goodness, there are a host of people out there who rave over these organisers and even put videos on Youtube to show you how they use theirs! (I have not done a video and this is only an overview of what I've got and how I've used it so far.)

Being a 'saver of the earth' my organiser is new to me and came from the CS. It's a microfile wallet with filofax inserts.

Hey, hey, handy zipped wallet.

Hey, hey again - handy calculator. I don't know what I'll keep in the little pockets. Advice welcome.

First off are pages of months so I have used these to note down birthdays.

Following these are diary pages. If you look closely the year starts with 19__,  and there are no dates so I've had to go through and write them in. I've shown you the pages I've labelled correctly!

There are some timetable pages and I've used these to put in dates for dancing, jollies and gym.

There's a section for notes ...

and some handy little post-it notes.

The next sections are different ruled papers - white lined,


pink lined

and blue lined. On these lined papers I have notes about freezer contents, the money I've spent, the Christmas card list and cards I have to make.

I don't think I'll put addresses in as I have these elsewhere.

I like this Action section and I can have the joy of crossing out tasks achieved (if I achieve any).

At the end of the organiser is another book of notes which I may use for shopping lists.

There's my tour. Hope I've not bored you to tears and if anybody out there has other uses for the pages please share. My NYR is to keep organised and I want this to help not hinder me.


Edit : After watching a few Ytube videos I've now personalised my organiser and brightened it up a bit with colour coded felt tips - e.g. green dots for no spend days, purple for birthdays. I've made some month at a glance inserts and added some colourful address cards. I've also made better dividers so I can find each section easily and I've crocheted a dangly page marker in sparkly wool.

Oh dear!"

Since that post my black planner now has another use but that's another story.

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  1. A good beginning, you're already more organized than me.