Saturday, 26 March 2016

Inserts for a Filofax wallet/mini + Crocheted Filofax ring protector

I made a few information inserts for my mini Finsbury which will be of use when I'm out and about.

1. Bus times - Having a bus pass means I use the buses quite regularly and I typed out a few local bus stop times so I don't have to wait very long at a stop.

2. ICE information - ICE stands for In Case of Emergency and emergency services are trained to look for ICE information in order to contact near relatives or friends easily. On my card I have the numbers for my immediate family, my doctor and one friend. On the opposite side I have my medical information and the meds I am taking.

I cut out my information and mounted it on thin card, anchored down with tape and then I slipped the card into a plastic page protector and cut it down to size. In order to punch the holes I lined up a mini page and marked the centre of each hole.

With no dedicated planner punch I just used an ordinary hole punch with the bottom taken off. Just line up the mark with the hole and punch.

Another titivation to my mini is a ring protector, or rather a protector against ring marks. With the Filofax came a cardboard protector which seemed a very temporary affair to me so I got out my crochet hook and ...

… made a protector the same shape.

This now fits snugly around the rings so protecting the back and front of the Filofax from ring marks. 

It's done in Tunisian stitch and is another colour that tones in with the Raspberry theme.

Happy Planning.

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