Sunday, 13 March 2016

Red Pennybridge Pocket zipped

I bought this off Ebay because I wanted a Filofax to use as a purse and these have a purse section. It's gorgeous.

My favourite part about it is the zip. The zip? Where's the zip? It's very cleverly hidden from view. How's that for getting the zip straight!

The back looks very stylish with a lovely shaped pocket.

This Pennybridge has never been used and was an unwanted Christmas present.

The purse part has many sections for cards and a zipper purse for coins.

All the inserts are there with a 2016 diary plus ...

a selection of papers,

address pages and a see through envelope at the end.

It's perfect - too perfect. It's so new that I daren't use it or clutter it up with coins and cards. I have only one regret and that is it's not leather. It feels smooth and is very tactile but the 'smell' is not there. I'm seriously debating whether to put it back on Ebay for these reasons.

I keep taking it out and weighing up the pros and cons. Anyone out there with one of these who can give me advice one way or another?

Happy Planning.


  1. What a great little planner. Good as a combined planner and purse for your handbag or when on the go. I wouldn't be too put off by the fact it's not leather. I tend to prefer vegan things these days, although I do like leather too.

  2. Wow, they make them like that but aren't leather?! I may have to invest.

    1. I don't think they make the pocket size anymore. Quite a few come up on Ebay but they seem slightly bigger - a 'compact' size. Email me if you want a price on this one. I'd love it to go to a good home if I decide to part with it.