Friday, 25 March 2016

Crocheted mini Filofax purse

I did put down my mini Finsbury but it stayed by my side just like the cat. I started to transfer my cards to the new mini and as I wanted to use this Filofax as a purse I investigated the zipped pocket at the back. It would not be easy to use this for many coins so I looked up tutorials on making a purse insert myself. Most of the ones I looked at used material for the purse, however, I found the wool that I was using for my current crocheting project toned very nicely with the raspberry colour of the planner so why not crochet a purse.

I did, and here it is.

I crocheted a rectangle using Tunisian stitch which gives a very dense weave, folded it over and crocheted 2 sides together. 

I hand sewed a zip into place and crocheted slip stitches along the base of the purse about 0.5cm away from the edge.

The purse can now be slotted on the rings of the Filofax without the rings showing inside the purse.

It's quite thick but I've managed to get in a full diary and some 'to do' pages and the wallet is still able to close.

I have a few more ideas yet.

Happy Planning.

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