Thursday, 24 November 2016

Filo Families

Ahh, collecting and collections. What criteria have I used? All the Filofaxes I have collected have fallen into categories - the first being 

Meet the Original family - all different colours and all A5, named - Hobbies, Projects, Recipes and Learning.

 The children too are all different colours and named - Page Design, Next year, Spare Pages and More Spare Pages.

The next family are Piazzas named - Christmas, Pink Spare, Archive and Dividers.

Here we have the Maldens named - Contatct Information, Daily, Brain Dump and Take Me Out. They are all the same colour.

My next category is 

Only one small family here and they are the Pocket Zips named - In the Shopping Trolley and Down the Pub.
My final category is Black and some of the members are imposters. Only two are genuine Filofaxes - Big Daddy, who is only just on the picture on the right. He is also known as Home. Is neighbour working along is a Filofax Active named Travel. Middle boy is Lists and next to him is Pill Holder. On the far left meet Sling Me, so named because I added a shoulder strap. He also holds a phone and my spray. Top baby looks like a Mini but is actually Mobile Holder. He's very useful as he also holds my bus pass, timetables and notes.
So there they are all useful or handy or beautiful or any combination of the 3. I'm sure I could find more 'families' out there as I'm always looking for Filos that speak to me (buy me, buy me), but I'd better stop now, otherwise I'll run out of living space.

Happy Planning

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